Hello world program in C

This is the best way to start programming in C. This program prints a string “Hello World!!!” and we’re doing this just to maintain the tradition of first Hello World program as most of the programmers start from here.

int main()
printf("Hello World!!!");


#include<library_name.h> is added in the beginning of the program to add required libraries to our program. These libraries contain in-built library functions that a program might use. Here, stdio.h is for standard input/output functions.

All C programs need a main() function. This is the entry point of the main part of the program processing. After adding necessary library functions, compiler searches for the main() function. int before main() is known as the return type of a function.

Instruction statements of a function are enclosed inside a pair of curly braces, {}.

printf() is a predefined standard function, that is used to print the output. Anything, that is to be printed is kept inside this function following the basic rules using parentheses.


Hello World!!!

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