How to Install Pop Theme on Ubuntu in easiest way

Pop theme is a fork of the immensely popular Adapta GTK theme, which is inspired by Google Material Design trends to an extent. I hope you already have heard about the features of this theme and that’s why you’re here to know how to install the theme on Ubuntu. Therefore without any idle talks, let’s get to the point.

In this article, you’ll learn how to install the Pop Theme safely on your Ubuntu/Ubuntu-based system.

Method #1: Download packages to install pop theme

Easiest way to install pop theme is by using installers. Just download these installers, extract and install by double clicking on them.

The above method should work just fine but in case that doesn’t work, follow the method of installation using repositories.

Method #2: Install pop theme using repositories and terminal

To install the theme using repositories, open terminal using Ctrl + Alt + t and then run the following commands in the terminal.

The first step will always remain same : To update the software.

sudo apt update

Now add repositories and install the theme running the following commands in the terminal.

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:system76/pop 

sudo apt update 

sudo apt install pop-theme

It is recommended by the creators to use the pop-theme metapackage, as this will pull in all components of the look. However, you can install individual components can be installed separately, e.g:

sudo apt install pop-gtk-theme

That’s it. Pop theme has been installed in your Ubuntu system. If you’re still facing any issue, please let us know in the comments.

Now that you’ve installed the pop theme, you will definitely want to switch to the freshly installed theme. Visit this link to Change Theme in Ubuntu.

Congratulations! Your fresh desktop environment with Pop theme is ready.

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