How to fix “No WiFi adapter found” in Ubuntu [Solved] | Install realtek WiFi driver in UBUNTU

Issue solved: “No wifi adapter found Ubuntu”, Install realtek wifi driver in Ubuntu. Tested on HP laptop, works on all laptop and Ubuntu versions having realtek semiconductor for wireless.

In this article, you’ll learn how to install the realtek WiFi driver in Ubuntu(any version). Most probably your problem is that you’re not able to see the WiFi option in the Settings and it shows “WiFi adapter not found”. I was using HP laptop and I encountered the same WiFi adapter problem after I installed Ubuntu on it.

Ubuntu “no wifi adapter found”? Don’t worry, here’s the solution.

The Ubuntu “WiFi adapter not found” problem is one of the most common issue in Ubuntu, specially in a freshly installed Ubuntu desktop. Most of the time either it shows that the no WiFi adapter found or simply the WiFi stops working at all. This problem is related to the WiFi driver on your system if hardware is working properly. To solve the Ubuntu WiFi issue, open the terminal(Ctrl+Alt+t) and follow these easy steps.

Step 1:

Connect to a wired network and proceed to resolve the so common Ubuntu “No wifi adapter found” issue.

The first and most important requirement is that your system must be connected to a wired network. This is necessary because at this point, you wouldn’t be having internet connection on your system using any wireless connection to download the necessary files to install the WiFi driver on your Ubuntu.

After you’ve connected your system with a wired network, update the software of the system by running the following command in the terminal:

Step 2:

sudo apt update

Step 3:

Reboot the system. This is not that necessary, but it is recommended to do this before proceeding to install realtek wifi driver in Ubuntu.


Step 4:

Remove unnecessary files and cache:

sudo apt-get -f autoremove

Step 5:

copy-paste and run the following commands one by one to get/clone the realtek WiFi driver from github repository:

sudo apt-get install linux-headers-generic linux-headers-$(uname -r) build-essential

sudo apt remove bcmwl-kernel-source && sudo apt install git dkms

git clone -b extended 

If git in not installed, do it by the following command-

sudo apt install git -y

and then run the above mentioned command again, i.e.-

git clone -b extended 

Install dkms if not installed already-

sudo apt install dkms -y

Step 6:

Add folder to dkms:

sudo dkms add ./rtlwifi_new

Final step:

install the driver to the system using the following terminal commands:

cd rtlwifi_new/


sudo make install

sudo modprobe rtl8723de

In the last command, I used rtl8723de because I needed rtl8723de realtek driver. rtlwifi_new contains many such drivers, find the one that your system needs and finish installing the driver.

no wifi adapter found ubuntu solution: Inside rtlwifi_new directory
Available realtek WiFi drivers inside rtlwifi_new directory.

To know the details of the driver that your need, use the following command:

lspci -nnk | grep -i -A3 net 


sudo lshw -C network

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That’s it. realtek WiFi driver has been installed in your system and you’ll be able to see the option for WiFi in Settings, if it doesn’t show up in the Settings, reboot the system to see if it works. In case that doesn’t work, let us know in the comments or on twitter.

Here’s a video from YouTube that describes how to solve the Ubuntu “No wifi adapter found” issue. Use the code above and share your experience in the comments.

If this article helped you, please drop a feedback note in the comments ❤.

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